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Michelle Francis – Manager M&S Blackrock mf4
Weight lost – 8 stone 11 pounds.

Sizes dropped – 14 dress sizes.

" My name is Michelle Francis, I live in Blessington and I am a manager in M&S Blackrock. I joined Bodyslims in September 2016. Nine months later I have lost 8 stone 11 pounds. I have gone from a size 24 to a size 10 I even fit into a few size 8’s !!!

Bodyslims has given me back my life!! I feel amazing I am 50 and I feel 20. I have never been as fit as I am now it’s just a brilliant feeling. I met Gerard Moran July 2016 I told Gerard I was thinking of joining the Body Slims programme in September , the words he said to me will stay with me forever , he said if you join I promise you this time next year I will have all your weight off you.( I was thinking is this fella for real) he said all you have to do is listen to what I tell you to do, do what I tell you to do, when I tell you to do it.

I was still thinking I am not sure about this fella. As he walked away he said it will work if you do what I tell you to do. I e mailed bodyslims straight away and signed up. After doing the bodyslims programme I have my life back. No words can describe how Gerard, Sharon and the Body Slims team have given me my life back. It’s a fantastic programme and it works. Now I know this fella is for real !! I thank my lucky stars that Gerard Moran came into my life. What a man."

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Ally Kelly – Ballybrack Project Manager.  pr3
Weight lost – 5 stone.
Sizes dropped – 3 dress sizes.

"I joined Bodyslims in January 2017 based upon results I’d seen from people in work and mutual friends. To be honest I didn’t have much hope for myself as I’d always struggled with weight loss and sticking to a certain plan.

Within two weeks on Body Slims I was hooked and to my surprise I was enjoying myself. I’d seen some results that people had achieved and not once did I imagine I could do the same.

By the end of my ten weeks I was down nearly three stone and I had signed up for another ten weeks beginning in April. Here I am now in July and I am officially down just over five stone! It’s not rocket science you just have to listen Ger and the team and do exactly what they say and you can’t go wrong – that’s what I done and look at me now. This may sound cheesy but at the start this was a diet and now it’s just my way of life! The whole team are amazing people – So supportive, helpful and encouraging.

The team are key to the success of the members of the group as their support and encouragement gives people the hope and motivation that you lack when struggling with weight loss. I could not recommend Body Slims enough to people – it has completely changed my attitude and my way of thinking. This programme has taught me how to eat well, keep fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle while still being able to ‘live a little’. Several people have asked where I got my willpower from and to be honest it came from seeing the results I was getting. Now what I say is the taste of a takeaway or a treat will never outweigh the feeling of putting on jeans that are two sizes too big and basically needing a whole new wardrobe!

For anyone struggling to lose weight this programme works wonders – not only for me but for many others before me and I’m sure will continue to work for many more after me. Kind regards Ally."

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Paula Rave – Secondary school teacher and busy mum.  pr3
Weight lost – 4.5 stone.
Sizes dropped – 18/20 to 10/12

" I eat when I’m happy, I eat when I’m sad, i eat when I’m bored and I eat when I’m mad. I may be tee total but I am a total junk foodaholic. I grew up skinny but spent my 20s battling my weight, a battle it always won.

Other associations benefited from my battle most notably thousands of euro spent on replacement shakes which caused me to loose my precious hair and taught me no new skills at all.

How is Bodyslims different? Gerard has given me the tools to enable me to thrive, to allow me dare to dream ‘Why not me?’ It is me that controls my emotions, my eating and my daily low impact exercise BUT it is his voice i hear in my head through his excellent sessions. Sharon and everyone in
Bodyslims embody an ethos of positivity. There is always support and encouragement and the programme actively promotes a community vibe between the participants.

It is only 10 weeks in the grand scheme of things, a drop in the ocean but it is 10 weeks that could give you back something you thought was unattainable – the happy and HEALTHY you . You have nothing to loose but the weight
Paula x. "

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John Ryan– Sales Centre Manager jr2
Weight lost – 4 stone.
Sizes dropped – 3 shirt sizes and 8 inches off waist.

" I joined BodySlims in September 2016. I had faced up to the fact that I was not going to achieve any weight loss goal alone. After trying and failing at other programmes I ignored my problem for a very long time. Living with being overweight is not only unhealthy, it’s esay to do, easy to ignore and the availability of bigger clothes accommodates this dangerous lifestyle.

BodySlims has saved my life. It begins and ends with that statement. Ger and the team are the most amazing group of people. They are supportive but direct, helpful yet challenging. While understanding my weight, and the loss that came with BodySlims, I learned not to be controlled by the number on the scale. There is no other programme out there like BodySlims, there is no other person who will help you to understand your goals better than Gerard Moran. One of the hardest things to do, is to try and explain it, so I won’t.

It’s not a diet, it’s not an excersise plan, and it’s not forever. If your reading this, you’ve already been privileged enough to hear about BodySlims. If your reading this, and you feel like there is no way out, that you will be overweight for the rest of your life, then pick up the phone, send an email or contact them on Facebook.

This is the one they will talk about in years to come, this is the one that works, this is the only one you need to know about. Find your motivation, for me it’s my daughter’s, I need to make sure I’m around long enough to give them a healthy life, and I could not have done that without BodySlims. Dare to dream Regards JR."

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Rachel Cinnsealach– Teacher rc2
Weight lost – 50 lbs.
Sizes dropped – size 14/16 to size 8/10.

"Bodyslims is an amazing weight loss programme. It is very different to others. It is a ten week programme. There is a definite time frame in which you will lose weight. Gerard “the weight whisperer” is there with you 100 % of the way. Unlike other programs, he is a motivational

speaker, he uses years of research, to motivate people to lose weight.

Everyone knows how to lose weight, you eat less and exercise more, I used other programs in the past and I’d lose weight but it would return because I’d lose the motivation, this programme is different. Gerard continues to motive you through out the ten weeks. Each Monday, having listened to Gerard for an hour I’d leave the hotel feeling inspired. It would set me up for the week. He sets new mini challenges each week to keep you on your toes. The programme does not get stale or monotonous.

A second big part of this, is that Gerard encourages you to get out and walk. Every Sunday we meet on Dun Laoghaire pier, and walk for an hour. This helps with fitness, it also creates a community and gives people the opportunity ask questions to all the team, and it helps with keeping you on track mentally, when you are out walking with a group of like minded people, all of them shedding pounds, there is a lot more to it than just a walk. I seriously couldn’t recommend this programme enough, whether you have a stone or twenty stone to lose, you will achieve your goal with the weight whisperer."

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Niamh O Rourke– HSE  nor
Weight lost – 5 Stone.
a Sizes dropped – 18-20 to size 8.

"The Bodyslims team made the impossible attainable for me and 6 months on I’m still maintaining it. Thanks again, Niamh."

Caroline Johnston – Manager in Marks & Spencer  cj2
Weight lost – 35lbs.
Sizes dropped – 20 to size 12.

"I joined Bodyslims in January 2017 and lost 35lbs on the programme so far. I was hitting a size 20 in December 2016, and bought my first pair of size 12 jeans last week! I joined the programme after meeting a colleague of mine from M&S Blackrock, Jackie Tracey that I hadn’t seen for a few months and couldn’t believe how slim & fabulous she looked. I was feeling that I was out of control with my eating habits and knew I needed to get a handle on myself so I asked Jackie how she was doing it.

She told me all about Bodyslims and how the programme worked. I went straight home and signed up for the January programme!.

The programme is great because you just have to do what Ger Moran tells you to do and when to do it and the weight loss will follow! You really feel that the whole Bodyslims team are completely behind you on your journey and are always ready and willing to answer any questions or give you a pep talk. The group walks are great fun too and you definitely end up building up a little competition with your own times, trying to get quicker than your previous walk. I’m looking forward to starting back on the September programme after the summer! Thanks Ger & all the BS team!. "

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Sarah Hargaden – : Senior Client Director, Kantar Millward Brown  sh
Weight lost – 4.5 stone.
Sizes dropped – 18 to a size 10.

" I wholeheartedly recommend the Body Slims programme. Gerard and his team are amazing and it really works. I have been trying to lose weight since I had my first child, who is now 13 years old, so that is a lot of diets and failure. The Body Slims programme teaches you to approach food differently, empowers you to take control and makes you realise your dreams.

I am so happy with the results and feel 10 years younger. It’s so great to feel healthy and fit, be in charge and enjoy life on my terms. The programme is simple, easy to do and fits busy lifestyles perfectly. Gerard is truly inspirational.

His ability to motivate you every week, while giving you simple hints & tips is fantastic, plus a load of laughs along the way. Do the programme you won’t regret it! Cheers Sarah."

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Terje Sikkel – Department of Justice ts
Weight lost – 60lbs.
Sizes dropped – 20 to size 12.

"After years of trying different options to lose weight (Weight Watchers, Slimming World, excessive gym programmes etc) I had near enough given up trying.

When I saw my sister-in-law after only 6 weeks with Bodyslims and the difference in her I decided to give it a go. I can not thank Gerard, Sharon and the rest of the organisers enough for the support and directions. I participated in 2 courses of 10 week programme and lost 60 pounds.

I could never imagine myself getting down to size 12 again. I would not hesitate to recommend Bodyslims to everyone looking to lose weight – it is the best programme ever.

Not only will you find out how to lose the wight, but also how to keep it off for good – just do what Gerard tells you to do – it is as simple as that!."

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Darren Higgins– Taxi Driver dh
Weight lost – 5 stone.
Sizes dropped – 40 inch waist to 34.

"I'm Darren Higgins From The Coombe, Dublin 8 and I'm aTaxi Driver. I've lost 5 stone and dropped from a 40 in waist to 34. I had tried tirelessly to find a suitable weight management programme that was right for me.

One that I could fit into my daily routine so it would be easier to stick to. I always struggled maintaining once I'd started because of my work I couldn't get into regular eating or exercising habits. Bodyslims has provided me with an easier alternative to crash diets or full on exercise programmes.

With one meeting a week it took the pressure off and encouraged me to hit my goals rather than force me to hit unrealistic weight loss targets. Combined with the more manageable calorie allowance, I just found Bodyslims more user friendly and more attainable. I would highly recommend Bodyslims to anybody needing that extra push to get the body they want. Easy to follow instructions, great support and a great social outlet too. I'd like to thank Gerard and the whole crew at Bodyslims for helping me to reach my weight loss goal."

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Marie Burke– IT QA Manager mb1
Weight lost – 65 lbs
Sizes dropped – size 16/18 to a size 10

"I'm Marie Burke living in Blanchardstown and I'm a IT QA Manager weight lost.. 65 lbs or four and a half stone Im down from a size 16/18 to a size 10 Bodyslims is an amazing 10 week programme. Its main focus is on weight loss but I got so so much more than that! Along with changing my weight and shape, its change my mind with new perspective on things! "Talks and walks" are the way I like to think of it!

There are no magic pills, potions or anything like that, there is NOTHING extra to buy in any form ... Okay slight lie I lost 4 and half stone so I had to buy a whole new wardrobe!! :-)

Lucky I love to shop! As there are no food restrictions on this course, I figured out my favourite foods, got googling for the healthy versions of them… it’s all possible! Gerard tells you dare to dream!! And I did dream, not sure if I could get there but I trusted Gerard and did exactly what he said! I got there but it exceeded any dream I imagined! I honestly didn't know how good this could be!! I was sitting in my sister’s living room recently; she has two children, a toddler and baby... when it suddenly dawned on her that I had lost more than their weight combined! Now the baby

I can walk about with, she's about 12 pounds; even then I get tired after a while. The toddler is about 3 stone and while I can carry him... it's not easy at all for any length of time. So having lost more than that, it's no wonder I spring off the couch instead of sliding to the edge and getting up like someone whose 90 years! There are lots of little things like that, just everyday things are much easier when you are the size you’re meant to be! And then there is the red dress I saw when browsing around the shop!

I pick up the size that previously I joked would only fit my arm! I go to the dressing room and it glides on, level a million happiness! :-) I'm so grateful that when BODYSLIMS popped up on my Facebook feed, that I took the opportunity to make my life better!! It’s life changing and I don’t say that lightly…. It truly is!."

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Steve Mulhall– Office Worker   sm
Weight lost – 10 stone
Sizes dropped – xxxl to large

"I'm Steve Mulhall and I'm an Office Worker from Walkinstown and all together I've lost 10 stone and I'm down from an xxxl to large. Bodyslims is a 10 week weight loss course like no other it not only changes how you look and feel but also how you think.

When I first joined I didn't know what to expect but after the first two weeks I started to enjoy myself and was looking forward to each new class. Ger Sharon and the whole bodyslims team set a great atmosphere and are very friendly and welcoming.

I lost nearly 70 pounds in the first course which is over a ten week period and there is nowhere else that provide such astounding results over such a short period of time. So if you feel like you need a change or nothing else is getting you the results you want I implore you to give bodyslims a chance and I guarantee you will not regret it.If it worked for me I assure you it can work for you so dare to dream and sign up for bodyslims Today. Kind Regards, Steve Mulhall."

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Kieran Carrick– CEO of CLOUT Partners Ltd kc
Weight lost – 59.2 lbs 
Sizes dropped – 6 sizes

"I'm Kieran Carrick of Foxrock, CEO of CLOUT Partners Ltd my weight lost  59.2 lbs (4 stone 3lb's) in ten weeks sizes dropped  6. I have tried many times over many years to lose weight and get healthy. I learned all about nutrition and the science and psychology but was never able to sustain the effort long enough to make a significant difference and I began to rely on food as an antidote for stress.

Bodyslims helped me lose over 4 stone (16% of my body weight) in less than 10 weeks and transform my life. I am now lighter and fitter than I have been in decades and feel so much better about myself. 

I actually feel I was slowly killing myself and the programme has saved my life. I still have some weight to lose but now I know its possible and how to approach it thanks to Gerard Moran and the amazing Bodyslims team. There's no secret sauce (in fact sauces are a no no) but the programme works on three important things 1. developing a new understanding and approach to food and an awareness of calorie intake  2. ensuring you get the level of exercise our bodies were designed to have and 3. strengthening the super ego so that you get back in control of your life. 
The Bodyslims team are genuinely supportive and friendly, provide amazing coaching and strive to make the whole experience fun for all. It is so much easier to tackle weight loss in a team environment than on your own and The Bodyslims programme is the best team if you are serious about making a transformational change!."

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Maeve Davidson– Parish Pastoral Worker   md
Weight lost – 8 stone
Sizes dropped – size 22-24 to size 12-14

"I'm Maeve Davidson, I live in Dundrum. I work as a Parish Pastoral Worker;Total weight loss is 8 stone; Sizes dropped from size 22-24 to size 12-14. I came home from holidays in the middle of July 2016 and I weighed 18 st. 11lbs.  I didn't feel healthy and decided I had to do something about my weight.   I tried to lose weight on my own with very little success - I lost 4 lbs between July and September. 

On 20 September 2016, I joined BodySlims, weighing 18 st. 7 lbs and by Christmas, I had lost 4 stones - I weighed 14 st. 7 lbs on Christmas Eve. 

I am now down to my target weight, 10 st. 7lbs, the weight I was when I got married 35 years ago.  I feel like I have won the Lotto a few times over. 

BodySlims, Gerard and the Team were fantastic, helping me to change the way I think about myself, about food and to change the habits that led to weight gain over the years.  My biggest bogie was grazing and not eating the right food for a healthy lifestyle.  BodySlims has become my health plan.  Having come through a full year, including a wedding, Christmas, Easter, birthdays, family celebrations, funeral lunches, dinners out with friends and this year's holiday -two and a half weeks full board in a hotel in Italy, including desserts, wine, aperitifs and of course lovely Italian ice-cream (a little of everything) I can say that BodySlims really works for me. 

I gained 3 lbs on holidays this year and using the skills and the confidence I received from BodySlims, lost them again within a week.  And I got the best tan ever this year from walking for an hour every day on the beach instead of just lying on a sunbed.  Thank you BodySlims, to Gerard, Sharon and the entire Team.  You have been amazing and I will always be grateful,  Maeve xxx."

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Barry Whelan– Self Employed   bw
Weight lost – 65 lbs
Sizes dropped – 40” waist to 34”

"I'm Barry Whelan Age 62 from Goatstown, Dublin 14 and I'm Self Employed. My Weight Loss 65 lbs; 30Kg or over four and a half stone. Size Drops: 40” waist to 34” ; Size 46 jacket to 42; Size 17½ collar to 16 collar.

I cannot recommend this course enough. I finished 2 x 10 week Bodyslims courses in March 2017. It is not just about losing weight. It is life changing. All you have to do is what Gerard tells and you will feel and look much better when you complete the course. I did the course with my wife and found it very rewarding. She also lost over three stone. That is the equivalent of a person not being in our house anymore. 

You will also meet a lot of new friends who have been lucky enough to be on the same journey and enjoy the amount of happiness it brings to their lives. The walks are a huge help and are very therapeutic. They are very good for both the head and body and really help to get your shape back. 
It is tremendous value. No add ons or supplements. You pay the first day and no more after that. Gerard, Sharon and their substantial team are all very passionate about what they do and will support you all the way. They really do care. 

I was astounded by the amount of weight people lost. Give yourself a present and treat yourself to this course. You won't regret it. All you have to do is look at the photos on their facebook page and it will give you living proof of what happens on this course. 
We both intend going back in September (not to lose weight as we have now reached our goal weight) but to get back into the camaraderie and discipline of the whole programme. This is life changing. Since completing I have climbed Carrantuohill, walked The Camino and started cycling again. No other weight loss course gets near the same results as Bodyslims."

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Gerard McDonagh– Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Process operator gm1
Weight lost – 5 stone
Sizes dropped – Waist Size 44 is down to 36

"I'm Gerard McDonagh from Shankill Co.Dublin. I'm a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Process operator. I've lost 5 stone weight. My Waist Size 44 is down to 36 / body size XXXL-(nearly 4XL) down to XL. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Bodyslims team for their support and encouragement through out the programme.

When My wife and I joined Bodyslims, we didn't know what to expect. Bodyslims has been the best weight loss programme that we have taken part in. It has been a total transformation from day one. There is no magic shakes, no boot camp style training classes and no mad food diets.  There is however proper calorie control and an exercise plan that everyone can easily afford and follow. You will get to meet people that could become friends that support and encourage each other. Once you engage fully with the programme you will loose weight and change both inside and out. If I can do it so can you. You will not be disappointed. You have nothing to loose but weight. Regards Gerard."

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