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Niamh dodrill – Primary School TeacherMiamh Dodrill
Weight Lost - 4.5 Stone.

My name is Niamh Dodrill and I am a mother of three young children living on the northside of Dublin. I work as a primary school teacher and love what I do. In the summer of 2018 I was tagged on Facebook about Bodyslims. At that time, I was at my heaviest I had ever been. My self-confidence was at an all-time low.

I was repulsed by what I seen in the mirror. Each day I would say ‘right that’s it, I’m starting a diet today’. Although my intentions were good, I just was never able to stick it out for more than a couple of days. It was all or nothing with me and if I waivered in anyway – that was the end and I would binge on food till I made yet another promise to myself that I couldn’t fulfill. After years of attending various different slimming groups and managing to shift some weight (never ever realising my true dream weight), then re gaining it, I had lost faith in myself. How was it that I could do anything for anyone but yet couldn’t manage to give myself what I so desperately wanted, which was the old me.

The physical aspect of the weight gain was bad enough but it was the emotional side that I struggled with the most. I had a daily argument with myself - I am an intelligent person, who likes clothes and fashion and likes to keep themselves well but the reality is I am a FAT person who has failed. This feeling was compounded when I would open my wardrobe and look at all the beautiful clothes that didn’t fit me anymore and then having to resort to the oversized items that I would wrestle my way into. I was good at covering up and managed to dress to hide the fat but the tight jeans that left scorch marks on my waist were yet another constant reminder of how much I had failed.

I had resigned myself to the fact that this was me now, whether I liked it or not. I knew how to lose weight but could not get my head around it. At this point I was seriously considering hypnotherapy. So after being tagged on Facebook and researching Bodyslims, I knew this was something different but not sure if it was yet another weight loss gimmick. While looking through Bodyslims’s website, I stumbled across a picture of a friend, who had been attending Bodyslims and had lost a lot of weight. If she could do it, then just maybe so could I. I signed up and attended my first Bodyslim’s seminar on the 17th September 2018. Fast forward to March 2019 and I am 4stone down and only pounds away from my dream weight. I remember Gerard saying on the first night that the weight loss will be the smallest thing that you will gain and I remember thinking yeah right – it’s the only thing I am thinking of ! Well I can confidently say that I am a different person but physically and mentally.

I have regained my self -confidence and am no longer a victim of life (and all the shitty stories we create as excuses). I have made this happen for myself with the help and guidance of a truly inspirational man – Gerard Moran. I firmly believe things happen for a reason and feel like the luckiest person that I stumbled across Bodyslims when I was at a point in my life that I felt helpless and worthless. Gerard’s approach is very simple if you do what he tells you. I followed exactly what Gerard advised and as a result I have realised my dream. I am turning 40 with a new outlook on life and I have no weight to hold me back. Thanks to Gerard, Sharon and the team for providing light at the end of the tunnel.

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Karen Kelly – School Secretary CitywestKaren Kelly
Weight lost – 5 stone.
Sizes dropped – 5 sizes smaller.

I joined Bodyslims in September 2018. Curious.

It took me three weeks to lose my first stone and by week nine I had lost my third stone. Panic. The 10 weeks were nearly over, how was I going to keep this weight off. I was going to Portugal for a short trip and Christmas was around the corner. Well I had nothing to worry about. Enter Gerard and his maintenance program. It WORKS. I returned in January with a loss and well on my way to losing my 4th stone

Whats different you may ask.. Gerard encourages you to believe in yourself. His no nonsense attitude empowers you. He has a weight loss program that works all you have to do is work it.

The toughest part of the program for me was the walking. I was so unfit. I'd start each walk with tears in my eyes an an inhaler in each hand. How things have changed. I can't believe I'm admitting this but here goes... My favorite part of the program is the walk .

"Dare to dream",
"The results can't help themselves",
"The weight loss will be the smallest part of this program"
Just three of Gerard's quotes I can identify with. Overnight things changed for me. I was getting dressed one morning and I had no clothes to fit me. It was as if the inches had melted away while I was sleeping. I was shocked to find when I went clothes shopping that I fit into clothes five sizes smaller, a size for each stone I have lost.

My dream is becoming a reality I worked this program and the results couldn't help themselves. Surprisingly the weight loss is a very small part of this journey. Thank you Gerard and all his team for giving me back my life.

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Margaret Keane – Blackrock - Actuary and senior software developer – Large multi-national consultancyMargaret Keane
Weight lost – 7 stone.
Sizes dropped – size 20 to size 10

My background: I have been very fortunate in life, loving family, 7 fantastic healthy children. My weight was always the cloud hanging over me. My sh***y story isn’t the worst, but, like everyone, I do have one - Crumlin children’s hospital every few months over a 15 year period, children examined by approx 200 different consultants, numerous tests, trials, emotion and daily interventional management, caring for elderly parent and sister with Down’s syndrome, bad back. I put my weight issues down to being too busy and emotionally tired. My excuse to stay fat was my underactive thyroid. I lost weight over the years by running or going to gyms, then got injured and put more back on. Feeling sorry for myself, beating myself up over repeated failures became the norm. Buying clothes brought up those awful feelings - mirrors, will the shop have clothes in my size.

My decision: On April 19th 2018 came the intervention. My friend from Malahide spotted cancellation places for Bodyslims starting on 23rd April. She phoned me… “I’m going to do this. Will you do it with me?” Instant answer required. I thought “Yes – I should be doing this” - Maeve Davidson, Kieran Carrick and Joan Casey had all inspired me with their Bodyslims successes. No – I wasn’t ready to change my life with just 4 days’ notice. Yes - my friend would be driving to Stillorgan from Malahide, I would only have a 5-minute drive from Blackrock. Yes – I will be kicking myself when I see my friend in 10 weeks if I don’t do this. So I signed up. When Gerard began by telling us about the 3 legs to the stool, “just do what I say when I say it and the numbers will take care of themselves” – I got that. When he described the regular train or the express train, I decided there and then that the express train was for me. I wanted to reach my destination as soon as possible. When he said commit for 70 days, I thought “that’s doable”. It’s only 70 days. Deferred gratification. Surrender to win.

My Bodyslims journey: This programme is very simple if you do it Gerard’s way. At the start, I had to trust Gerard when he said that it is possible (and I could also look to the Bodyslims legends for inspiration and evidence). The personal success that follows then takes over, motivates and empowers. Gerard’s stories are always in my head and present themselves every time I am faced with a choice. Every moment of every day presents a choice. Good choices lead to good feelings. Bad choices are a setback and bring negative feelings. My filters are now “will I regret this tomorrow?” and “is this an excuse or a reason?” Weighing and recording food intake was essential for me. I had to halve my plate of healthy food. I found it difficult to find an hour to walk every day so I decided to build it into my daily routine and start walking home from work. My favourite part of this programme is the pier walk on a Sunday. I was last person to finish on my very first walk and had blisters for over 5 weeks. The team encouraged me every step of the way. Every week I’ve been there, someone inspires me with their achievement. It’s motivating and a privilege to witness. We are all similar people trying to do the same thing. I’ve got my best tips on Sunday walks and I’ve made wonderful friends there. My head changed. I used to see everything in terms of cost – doing without. I now see it as a means to achieving my goal. Negativity to positivity. “It won’t come to you – you have to go after it.”

My achievement: I have lost a little over 7 stone in 11 months. I have gone from size 18/20 to size 10. . I now get it when Gerard says “this will be the smallest part of what you have achieved”. I’m told I look 10 years younger. I am addicted to walking and compare it to that cuppa you have to have first thing in the morning… I can’t do without it. I’ve discovered a love of the outdoors (people don’t believe me when I say I’ve been rained on only 3 times over the past 326 days). Walking is my gift to myself every day. I process things on this walk and I’m never interrupted. I am no longer paralysed within myself and my New Year/beginning of Lent/weekly Monday morning beat myself up thought “I must start a diet today” has been eliminated. My back likes the new me. This has been my longest every injury free period – I haven’t been to a physio since last April. I’m told I no longer snore. I’ve longed for this day for decades and can’t believe I’ve arrived. I’ve never been happier. I have no intention of giving it up (not even for €1,000,000).

Gratitude: I am so fortunate to be surrounded by people who care and love me for who I am. Gerard, you are my enabler. You are a gifted communicator and have researched and simplified a hugely complex area and broken it into 10 weekly seminars and simple to follow steps. Thank you most sincerely. Sharon, Sean and every member of your team continually smile, encourage, praise, share their own journey in support and never judge anyone. Thank you all. To Clair who phoned me on 19th April, I wouldn’t have done this without you. To all the legends who have journeyed before me and those who are on the journey with me, your achievements and encouraging words inspire me. To my family for their support and understanding over the past 11 months, they’ve missed out on a few meals in restaurants. To the love of my life who has never judged me, has supported, encouraged, walked, went on grapefruit searches in multiple shops, calorie-counted meals for me, dropped food into the office, dropped forgotten runners into the office, travelled my journey with me and listened day after day without complaint, my heartfelt thanks. I hope it is worth it. Finally, to those contemplating embarking on this journey, give it a go, give it 100% and the benefits will follow. Bodyslims has changed my life beyond my wildest dreams – I would love everybody who reads this to believe that they can experience this amazing feeling too.

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Eileen Donnelly - blackrockr Eileen Donnelly
Weight lost – 8 stone.

Bodyslims programme is amazing!

Like so many other people I had tried lots of other slimming programmes with varying degrees of success. I seemed to be a master of self-sabotage and would get so far but no further. I was convinced that I just couldn't do it and that I would never get to a weight and size I was happy with. I had given up hope! Then I found out about Bodyslims. I liked that it was reputed to sort your head out as well as your eating. Despite feeling very hopeless, despondent and, frankly, desperate I decided to give it a try.

I joined in January 2018 and 14 months on, I am now 8 stone down and wearing a size 10. As someone who has struggled with weight for most of my life, this is truly a dream come true! Ger, Sharon and the Bodyslims team are fantastic. It's so simple - I just do what Ger tells me to do, when he tells me to do it! It's that straight forward!

I'm not saying it was easy but it was simple. I can't express how amazing I feel now and I can't quite believe it. Thanks to Ger I dared to dream and now I'm living that dream! The best decision I ever made was to join Bodyslims. I will never be able to thank Ger, Sharon and the Bodyslims team enough!

If you're reading this because you are looking for a weight loss programme that works all I can say, is do it! Join Bodyslims, it's fantastic!
Dare to Dream!

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Áine Hayes Davis -Special Needs Assistant Aine Hayes
Weight lost – 66 lbs.
Sizes dropped – Size 20 to size 12.

My name is Áine, I live in Cabinteely and work as an SNA in a local Primary School. I joined Bodyslims in September 2017. I had liked the Bodyslims page on Facebook a good while before I joined and was always so impressed by the weight loss results everyone was getting. I wanted to join but afraid to as I had done so many other weight loss classes, I’d get so far, plateau, get fed up and whatever I’d lost I’d find again and then some more, I hoped this would be different.

I don’t think I ever really believed in myself and losing weight and finding it again became part of the norm. Before my wedding in 2014 I had lost 2 stone through kettlebells, walking and swimming, which I loved and enjoyed but once I stopped, like always, I found 3 stone. I was back, worse than where I started and it was increasing. I’d try again, I have ‘good days’ and ruin them by ‘great weekends’. Self sabotage was nearly a habit.

I knew my weight was getting me down. I didn’t want to go out, Hated getting into photos, clothes shopping always ended in tears especially when it came to dresses. I had gotten to a point where I knew I couldn’t go on like that when I could get past Adele’s second verse of ‘a million years ago’ with out ending up in tears, particularly the line..”sometimes I just feel it’s only me who can’t stand the reflection that they see”. I didn’t like myself and I knew I had to do something.

When I signed up for the September course I didn’t tell anyone, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to do it or that this would be like all the rest and I’d fail again but thankfully I was so wrong. I remember being so nervous that first night, and there’s nothing like standing on a scales in front of someone and hearing a crack, thankfully not on the scales but in your heart. I was at my heaviest, despite me trying to be good the few weeks before, living in hope the number wouldn’t be so high. There nothing like fear to make you go on a diet before you actually start a real one. That night I met Jackie. She weighed me in. She was so supportive and encouraging from the very start, I instantly relaxed, still embarrassed by the scales but she told me to take note of the number as I’d never see it again and she was so right.

Gerard’s talks were brilliant, motivational and funny too. He really gets inside your head, explaining everything and helps repair the damage to your belief and confidence weight gain takes away from you. Sharon and all the Bodyslims team are incredible and the support and encouragement they constantly give, even when some weeks aren’t going your way, is amazing.
I’ve done 5 courses now, I don’t lose weight as fast as others but that’s ok. We’re all different but the important thing is that I am losing weight, more weight than I’ve ever lost before and I’m keeping it off. I’m fitter, walking faster than I was, happier in myself and even Adele can’t make me cry anymore. I might not be where I want to be on the scales right now but it’s so far from where I started, I’m so grateful.

Bodyslims has changed my life, my way of thinking, my belief in myself and I’ve made the most wonderful, inspirational friends there too. I can’t thank Gerard, Sharon, Seán, Jackie, Siobhan, Elaine and all the Bodyslims team enough for everything they’ve done for me.
If you believe you can do it, you can change everything. You don’t have to be great to start, you just have to start to be great!

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Paul Redmond – Accountant Wexford Paul Redmond
Weight lost – 3 Stone.

Hello my name is Paul Redmond, from Wexford and I work as an accountant sitting all day.

I have been here many times before losing some weight and gaining weight. I have learned that this is in fact maintenance not weight loss. was introduced to this by a friend who was on the course and he had changed each and every area of his life, not just weight loss. In terms of this program all that I can say is that it works incredibly well and it will change more than weight in your life.

My biggest take away is trust the system it works amazingly well. Don’t panic when you hear the stories of loss and think it's for someone else not me. Do what your told when your told and you will be on the express train. This will make sense as you go through the course.

The course is worth 10 times the cost, however be prepared to change your complete wardrobe of clothes.
PS: don’t listen to anybody that has not gone through the course the stories each week will get you past any obstacles you face.

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John Murphy - TV scriptwriter Carrickmines john Murphy
Weight lost – 4 stone.

It is hard to imagine that anyone was as cynical as I was the first night I walked through the door of Body slims. I had spent a lifetime in the TV and Media industry and had seen and heard every self sustaining quick fix and marketing ploy in the game. Yet something had brought me here; and since there were no instruction or diet sheets, no public weigh in or showboating or self-righteousness pontification, the least I could do was listen.

So I did listen and since September 2018 until March, 2019 as I write, I have lost 60lbs. But that is not even the half of it. One week at a time I took back my own sense of self worth, control of my life and when people began to notice the dramatic difference I couldn't even explain what 'Diet' I was on. I wasn't on a diet, I had set out on a path to reclaim myself from the parts of me that had given up, 'settled' for a version of myself that wasn't true. I listened, I took the action and it worked because I believed it.

These are big claims and I don't wish to cheapen them with flowery language or market friendly embellishments so all I can do to try and explain as simply as possible why this was so successful for me.

Bodyslims is the truth. A truth that stands any test, a truth that is not always easy but one that stripped away all the things that made me feel less than I am and reminded me that I can be so much more.

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Addrianna Doyle – Self employed Adrianna Doyle
Weight lost – 4 stone.

My name is Addrianna Doyle, I live in Naas, Co Kildare. My husband and I own a jewellery design brand, Doyle Design Dublin. I have never been slim, ever. I have spent my entire life overweight struggling with upward only weight increases. I've tried every diet under the sun without any real or lasting success. I had genuinely begun to think that it was actually impossible for me to lose weight until a friend of mine told me about Bodyslims. She was raving about it and I really didn't want to spend the rest of my life struggling to lose a few pounds so I started my Body slims journey last April 2018.

From the very first night I knew this was different to any other weight loss programme I had previously done and I was determined to give it 100% Determined that this was the last time I was going to "try" to lose weight. Initially I thought if I could lose a stone that would be great but I quickly realised that's not the Bodyslims way. Losing a stone is a good idea but it's not a dream. You have to dream big, so I did and very quickly started to get big results.

I lost just shy of 2 stone in the first 10 weeks and spurred on by that success I signed up for a second and a third round. Its not easy but it is very simple and there is no greater motivator than the combination of amazing results and Gerard and the team of course. It's hard to believe that only 10 months later I've lost nearly 4 and half stone, I have to pinch myself sometimes. I never thought I'd be the girl in the before and after shots, never thought I'd call myself a walker or that I'd ever wear jeans in my lifetime never mind skinny jeans, never thought I'd actually like photographs of myself and I never thought people would tell me that I inspire them.

You know what they say "never say never" and if I can believe me, you can too. Thanks a million to one and all.

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John Willoughby – Gorey John Willoughby
Weight lost – 7.5.

My name is John Willoughby. I'm from Gorey Co Wexford. I have worked in Dun Laoghaire for the past 14 years as warehouse PQS in a medic device company. I have just finished my 4th bodyslims session and I have lost a total of 7.5 stone. I have gone from a waist 44 to waist 32 inches. On the very first night in January I didn't know what to expect. I was apprehensive and a little nervous however I got talking to one of the team members (Sean) and he soon put me at ease. I still remember my first pier walk.

The heavens opened and I thought this walk is going to be cancelled after me driving all the way up but oh no off we set. Although I was unfit I really enjoyed the walk and felt brilliant quicker now that I have lost the weight.

Can’t wait for the next course to start and really looking forward to it. Gerard not only educates you he also entertains you and I have had many laughs along the way and I also meet some really nice and friendly people on the courses. I'd like to thank Gerard, Sharon and all the Bodyslims team who have been so encouraging and supportive every week. I'm looking forward to seeing you all on the next course. Regards John

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Ann McHugh, Greystones Anne McHugh
Weight lost – 2 stone 6 pounds.
Sizes dropped – 3 dress sizes.

Hi there my name is Ann Mc Hugh. I’m from Greystones Co. Wicklow. Since my early 20’s I have always battled with my weight. Like many I have been a member of so many weight loss groups down through the years, but I was always like a yoyo! Down one week up a bit the next and that seemed to be the pattern! I was at my heaviest at Christmas 2018, where I had only 2 tops to fit me with leggings. I felt very low and my self esteem was shot, I didn’t want to go out socialising as i felt ashamed of my weight gain. I was also going through the dreaded menopause. I had certain food addictions and secretly ate chocolate at night for comfort. I was in a very bad state health and mind wise.

I met a very good friend shortly after Christmas for a meal and few drinks and as she walked into the room I said WOW because In just a short space of time I noticed she had lost a lot of weight. She then proceeded to tell me about the Bodyslims slims programme she had followed and lost 2 stone in 10 weeks. I decided there and then I was signing up for the next online course starting the 16th January ‘19. My starting weight was 13stone 1 pound.

I listened to Gerard every morning and found this short seminar a great motivator to set me up for the day. He says if you do as I say you’ll get the results! There’s no gimmicks! I found the food part of the programme very easy to follow as you are given menues, and food plans to follow. It’s all natural foods that you can buy anywhere. The best part of the programme for me was that Gerard sorted my head out as regards food addiction and triggers that would make me want to eat treats. I would live for the 1 hour weekly seminar on a Wednesday evening. I really looked forward to his inspirational words of wisdom. He has a very special way of getting into your head and helping you believe that you don’t need these types of foods. I can’t really explain how! All I know is it has worked!! I still hear him saying the words. Stop feeding your tongue and feed your body!

I haven’t felt this good in a long time. How did I do it??? I did exactly what Gerard told me to do every day for 10 weeks. I was down a whopping 34pounds! He asks you to write down what you expect to achieve after 10weeks. I wrote that I wanted to feel healthier and fitter. I have achieved that 100% and some! I have minimal menopause symptoms, the night sweats have almost gone and I put it down to the healthy eating and no rubbish. I also used to suffer with bad reflux and that’s gone too! I started my maintenance programme and I’m down another 5 pounds in the last 4 weeks. I’m out socializing every weekend and living life again. I still walk my walk 5 out of 7 days and stick to the programme Monday-Friday and treat myself a LITTLE, at the weekend. I can’t praise this programme enough and it’s empowered me to live my best life! I feel a million dollars! I have a large wardrobe now of clothes that fit me! My problem now is what to wear as I have so many choices!!

My weight today is 10 stone 4pounds. I was a 16-18 in clothes and now I’m a 10-12!! If you feel like you need a change to kick start your weight loss and life again I highly recommend this Bodyslims Programme! Best of luck.

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