The BodySlims Online Programme

Starting Wednesday 11th September 2019

Programme Cost: €250

Body Slims unique combination of calorie management, daily walking and motivational seminars with The Weight Whisperer are producing life changing results. Due to the incredible demand we are delighted to be able to bring this amazing program to an even larger audience.

Gerard Seminar

BodySlims Online . . . . What do you get ?

Weekly Video Seminars

Weekly video seminars with the Weight Whisperer for 10 weeks. First seminar 2 hours. The other 9 seminars 1 hour each. (Times are approximate)

Personal Calorie Allowance

Your personal calorie allowance. Everyone is different so one size does not fit all. We will allocate you a personal allowance based on your profile information.

Body Slims Online Dashboard

On this program you will have access to your very own Body Slims Online dashboard where you can monitor your weight, your weight loss, your percentage weight loss, your progress. This is also where you'll have access to all the course material you need and where you'll find all your course content

Weekly support emails

Get Access to our weekly support emails to help you along your journey

Body Slims Mobile app

Exclusively for those on the Online program your own Body Slims Online App available on itunes and google play store

Coach Support

Coach support won't be going it alone!!

Milestone Achievement Recognition

Milestone achievement recognition....we will be watching you all the time

Exclusive Video Content

You will also be getting exclusive video content for online

Body Slims Online . . . How does it work ?

Please be aware as this is crucial to your success - Body Slims is a ten week program with a start date and an end date. Exactly the same as if you were coming into the room to us to help you get the results you want

Your seminar will be delivered at the same time every week. You can watch it twice but it's only up for 48 hours.

This is because we know if it's open ended you'll put it off and we are absolutely determined to do everything we can to get you the result you want. Ideally within the 48 hours we would like you to watch the seminar once and then just listen to it one more time. On your phone with head phones will do. Maybe on your walk? We'll know when you've watched it. We've had that built in.

So after your first seminar you're on Body Slims Online. Every day for the next ten weeks we want you to log on to your Body slims online portal. You can upload your food diary and your daily walking data. We will be in communication with you with simple to follow plans and instructions

What's the Body Slims secret ?

They call him The Weight Whisperer

He will outline, in his own unique style, the way forward for you. He speaks about food only one night. Learn what makes you do what you do and how simple it is, with his help, to control it.

You’ll be shocked at just how fast the results start coming and more motivated and energized than you ever thought possible. We promise, you’ve never heard anything quite like this before.

You won’t feel hungry or deprived, we allow all food groups, you just have to follow what he says when he says it and watch as your body changes shape and your waistline shrinks.

This is a unique, one of a kind programme getting lasting results.
Changing Bodies By Transforming Minds.

Body Slims Systems Requirements

We want to help you get the very best out of your online Body Slims programme so a few basic system checks before booking..

The  online programme works on almost all devices on the vast majority of operating systems 

Body Slims online will work from your PC using the latest version of either Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox. These are the recommended browsers to access  the weekly seminars.
The mobile app will work on later versions of iPhone/iPads and Android Mobile devices. 

It is important to note that for the best viewing experience for the weekly seminars we recommend accessing the online system from your PC. 

If listening to or watching the seminars out of wifi coverage please ensure your phone package covers this data use in your personal package to avoid incurring any charges

When using either the online system or your mobile phone connected to wifi, a good internet connection is recommended. We have found that any broadband connection with over 5MB download speed will work best for this. 

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